Word and Phrases for Situational Response - 1

YDT / YKS Dil'de duruma uygun düşen ifadelerde kullanılan ve paragrafın içinde yer alan önemli işlevler için kullanılabilecek bazı ifadelerin örnekleri aşağıda verilmiştir. Bu bölümü dikkatle incelediğiniz takdirde buradan edineceğiniz bilgiler duruma uygun ifadelerin seçiminde oldukça yararlı olabilir.
Warning: uyarmak
  • You mustn’t go out at nights in this neighbourhood. It is rather dangerous.
  • You had better stay here and shouldn’t interrupt them
  • You’re going to enjoy Pergamum; but we should try to get there fairly early, to avoid both the crowds and the heat.
Contradicting: yalanlamak
  • As far as I am concerned, Tom is just exaggerating everything.
  • I am sure he is just lying. I have never agreed with the proposal.
  • I don't think these places are nearly as exotic as the magazines suggest.
Patiently: sabırlı bir şekilde
  • We have enough time. We will wait until everything calms down.
  • I suggest that you should start it next week. Until then you will have opportunity to think about it.
  • I am sure things will get better for both of us. We must be patient.
Admittedly: itiraf ederek
  • I can say that the mistake I have made was out of my hands.
  • I can’t believe we have reached an agreement. But I don’t think it will last long.
Denying: inkar ederek
  • I don’t accept your accusation. I have never been in the house you are talking about.
  • Sorry, you are just blaming the employees, not the manager.
  • I don't know what you're talking about; that must be someone else's letter.
Courageously: cesurca
  • I think you have done a wonderful job. It can’t have been better.
  • I won’t take order from you and anybody else.
Turning down: red ederek
  • Sorry I won’t accept your offer as the salary you offer is not satisfying.
  • I am sorry I will turn down your proposal. I don’t think we will be a nice couple.
  • Sorry, sir. My wife will refuse to participate your dirty job.
Urgently: acilen, ivedilikle
  • The issue we are talking about is urgent, so we will just focus on it today.
  • I would like to get the replay as soon as possible.
  • We would like to get the answer in a short while
Replying: cevap vermek
  • I will let you know about the case as soon as it is over.
  • Thank you very much for answering our proposal so early.
  • I would be delighted if you would reply our question about “conditional clauses”
Giving reasons: sebepler öne sürmek
  • Your health is rapidly deteriorating; won’t you give up smoking altogether?
  • Sorry we are late. We missed the school bus Mr Callaghan
  • I hope you will excuse me not to join you tonight as I'm really exhausted.
Offering: teklifte bulunmak
  • Shall we get down to business right away as I have a very tight schedule today?
  • Why don’t we go on talking about the result of our investments?
  • Let’s go shopping tomorrow and see if we can find a nice book on art for Beth.
Promising: söz vermek
  • I promise, sir I won’t cheat again in the exams.
  • He says that he will never play trick on his friends
    Expressing dissatisfaction: memnuniyetsizlik belirtmek
    • It was very inconsiderate of you not to tell us earlier that you couldn’t afford it.
    • I am not satisfied with the presentation you made on your assignment.
    • Your child is disturbing me with his noisy and dangerous games.
      Not hurting one's feelings: birinin duygularıyla oynamamak
      • I am sure you have done a very nice work, but you have to take some important matter into consideration as well.
      • I believe that you didn’t make the mistake on purpose, but be careful next time.
      Cheering someone up: birini neşelendirmek
      • There is a lot of things you can enjoy there. Cheer up
      • I am overjoyed to hear you have won the last game.
        Impressing on something: birşeyi vurgulamak
        • I don’t think this book is well written, but I do agree that the plot is well organized.
        • The report was not particular interest of me. However, I did get some useful material out of it.
          Agreeing conditionally: şartlı olarak aynı fikre varmak
          • Owing to a prior engagement, we well just accept your offer under some conditionals.
          • I agree with you, but let’s take our time over making a decision on the items on the agenda.
            Being annoyed: sinirlenmek
            • I am really dissatisfied with the outcome of your yearly production.
            • I am afraid I am getting annoyed with your rude behaviour.
            • That is touching my nerve; I won’t let him speak so arrogantly.
              Saying in delight:  memnuniyet içerisinde bildirmek
              • I am pleased to say that Sam has won our confidence by his self reliance.
              • We are delighted to express our feeling for your successful performance.
                By way of encouragement: cesaretle söylemek
                • It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. You should make another one.
                • That was one of the worst performance I have ever seen. You have to rehearse it more.
                  Accusing someone of: birini suçlamak
                  • I am completely sure that the new cashier is embezzling small sum of money every day.
                  • She believes that her upstairs neighbour is the one who broke in her house.
                    Congratulating someone on: birini tebrik etmek
                    • We would like to congratulate you for improving our new device.
                    • Congratulations! Nobody in this company could deserve this position more.
                      Sharing one's mind: birinin düşüncelerini paylaşmak
                      • In my opinion, it is unethical to have anything to do with illegally reproduced CDs.
                      • I completely agree with you not to go out at this moment. It is completely freezing.
                        Forcing someone: birini zorlamak
                        • If you don’t arrive there on time, I will report it to the manager.
                        • Unless you pay your debts immediately, I will take legal action.
                        • If you do it again, I ensure you, I will call the director
                          Admitting: itiraf etmek
                          • To be completely frank, I find it practically inedible. Why do you feel the need to use so much spice?
                          • I admit that Tom is the most successful person in the office.
                          • You must admit that it was not kind of her to hand my letter in to you.
                            Dispelling the gloomy atmosphere: üzüntülü atmosferi dağıtmak
                            • Don't worry about the stain. It wasn't your fault, and I'm sure it will come out.
                            Stopping one's feeling upset: birinin üzüntülü hissetmesini durdurmak
                            • I am very relieved to hear your arrival safely.
                            • Make yourself at home and don’t worry about the accommodation
                              Feeling upset: üzüntülü hissetmek
                              • I am very worried about my father’s health.
                              Asking someone to do something: birinden bir şey yapmasını istemek
                              • May I ask you to do me a favour?
                              • Could you help me to carry these packs into the car?
                                Expressing one's gratitude: birinin şükranlarını bildirmesi
                                • I really appreciate your help to overcome to our financial handicaps.
                                • I would like to thank you for your patience to put up with our constant offers
                                  Getting more particulars: daha fazla bilgi edinmek
                                  • I wonder if you give me a more detailed information about your holiday resorts.
                                  • This letter is for the previous tenants, so I think you should send it back to the sender.
                                    Agreeing but rather reluctantly: ayni fikirde olmak fakat inatlaşarak
                                    • In a long terms it can be a good investment, but I am not really in favour of supporting it for short terms.
                                    • I agree that tom has mistaken, but you are responsible as well.
                                      Explaining situation: durumu ifade etmek
                                      • To tell you the truth, I am not optimistic about the successful outcome of your investments.
                                      • The truth is that you have to overtake the nightshift to improve production.
                                      • I’m sorry I was late I’m afraid I overslept and missed the bus.
                                        In as polite manner as possible: mümkün oranda kibar bir şekilde
                                        • For Mary’s birthday I was wondering if you could  take her out for the day; go to the zoo, perhaps.
                                        • Would it be possible for you to join us for dinner tonight?
                                          Putting an end to something: bir şeye son vermek
                                          • To end the dispute, they are comparatively cheap, so we will buy them.
                                          • For short, you can rely on their the quality of their products.
                                            Compassionately: merhametli olarak
                                            • It really doesn’t matter at all. These things happen all the time.
                                            Flatteringly: yağ çekerek, yalakalık yaparak
                                            • Yes Mr Graham, in the company you are the best to overcome to the unsolved dispute.
                                            Piteously: acıyarak
                                            • I am really sorry for that poor old man seeing he is begging.
                                            Inoffensively: incitmeden
                                            • Your grand mother cannot live in isolation anymore. You know we are all going to be old one day.
                                            To make sure: emin olmak için
                                            • I couldn’t possibly act in the play, but I’d be very happy to make some of the costumes.
                                            • I will make another call for sure to learn if you have got permission from your parents
                                              Being puzzled / showing disbelief: şaşırmak
                                              • I must say I am puzzled by the unemployment figures issued this morning
                                              • You must be joking. Susan ? coming top ? I don't believe it.
                                                Utterly distracted: tamamen şaşırmış bir şekilde
                                                • You are joking, Murat! Sibel coming top? I don’t believe it.
                                                Abruptly: aniden sertçe
                                                • This is a ridiculous state of affairs! Forget your stupid pride and go and start talking to him again!
                                                • I think you're taking advantage of me, expecting me to work so hard without extra pay.
                                                • It was a rather bad hotel with poor contidions and service. I’ll never stay in your
                                                • hotel again.
                                                  In most charming: bütün çekiciliği ile
                                                  • You will be delighted to see the film. Never miss it.
                                                  • It was the cleanest restaurant I have ever been, and the food was perfect.
                                                  Tactlessly: kabaca
                                                  • You are wasting your time with these magazines. It is time you grew up and became realistic.
                                                  • You are just speaking nonsense. Leave me alone now.
                                                  • If I can't get the car in two days, I will cancel my order and make you compensate for this.
                                                    Confirming something: birşeyi doğrulamak
                                                    • I agree with your principles, but I have my own charities I contribute to.
                                                    • Yes sir, your parcel has just arrived. We will send it very soon.
                                                    Saying as sternly as possible: olabildiğince sert söylemek
                                                    • That was the first and the last time I had trusted you.
                                                    • Unless you work fairly, you will be driven away immediately.
                                                    • I told you to stop talking. If you don't, you will have to see the headmaster.
                                                      Casually: dikkat etmeden / rastgele
                                                      • It's not like you to keep changing your mind. Come on, make a definite decision and keep to it.
                                                      Not embarrassing: utandırmadan
                                                      • I couldn't have done that work without you. Thank you very much.
                                                      Saying sharply: sert bir şekilde söylemek
                                                      • I’m tired of your excuses. From now on, if you are going to be 20 minutes late, don’t bother coming.
                                                      • The truth may not be as bad as your doctor said. Perhaps you should ask for a second opinion.
                                                      • You shouldn't have been so stupid as to leave your house wide open
                                                        Tactfully: zarifçe / incitmeden
                                                        • I believe you are great on solving the matters, but that one is a little complicated.
                                                        • That's great, Grandad, but I think you should keep paying attention to your diet.
                                                        • It's really nice, but quite a bit hotter than I'm used to. I hope you aren't offended if I don't finish.
                                                          Scornfully: küçük görerek
                                                          • It seems you have managed to deceive everyone else in this company except me.
                                                          Word and Phrases for Situational Response - 1

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