Word and Phrases for Situational Response - 2

YKS Dil'de duruma uygun düşen ifadelerde kullanılan ve paragrafın içinde yer alan önemli işlevler için kullanılabilecek bazı ifadelerin örnekleri aşağıda verilmiştir. Bu bölümü dikkatle incelediğiniz takdirde buradan edineceğiniz bilgiler duruma uygun ifadelerin seçiminde oldukça yararlı olabilir.
Ttrying to appear confident: emin görünmeye çalışmak

I think I must have been fairly creative and patient.

Half-heartedly: gönülsüzce

I really don't think I'll be able to come; but I'll try.
I'll have to think about it. What's the date of it? I've rather a lot on at the moment.
Deliberately: kasten

I didn’t intend to hurt you by criticizing your project.
I still believe that the owner of the shop put it on fire on purpose
He meant to humiliate you in front of the bus deliberately.
Desperately: çaresizce

I'll take them but they are certainly not worth the price you're asking as I really need them.
I'm in Istanbul for the time being but I'll arrive there when the plane is allowed to fly.
Calling someone / ringing up someone: birine telefon açmak

I have just called to say that you have lost one of your customers.
I am sorry, I can’t hear you. Would you mind speaking in a louder voice?
Enthusiastically: coşkulu bir şekilde

Well done! You deserved to win and I’m delighted for you!
You're amazing. You sound Just like a native speaking French.
Saying shyly: utanarak söylemek

I do wish you’d come with me to help choose a jacket. You know how hopeless I am in these matters!
It is a shame to ask money from you, but I am really in need of some at the moment.
Saying with high spirit: büyük bir şevkle söylemek

Don't worry; you're a good driver. You'll pass next time.

Showing irritation: öfke ve kızgınlık göstermek

I am really upset about what I saw here today.
If you want to talk to me, could you wait until I've finished reading this? It's quite personal.
Arrogantly: kibirli bir şekilde

I am well off enough to buy my own private jet.
I believe that I am the best in the classroom at football.
Jokingly: şaka yoluyla

Your car meter must have been in a hurry as it was going faster than us.
You think you are funny, aren’t you?
Warning directly: direkt olarak uyarmak

Must you listen to that awful music? It’s stopping me from working.
You had better not drink any more alcohol as you will have to drive home.
Listen, everybody. Now cool down a bit because I don't want a quarrel with my neighbour downstairs.
Saying without being rude: kibarca söylemek

I'd love to help your studies, but I have to focus on mine at present.
I would be pleased to work with you, but I have to look after my kids now.
Expressing appreciation: takdir, teşekkür bildirmek

I read the report. Thank you for your consideration and careful outlining.
We all appreciate your contribution to the charity organization.
Expressing sarcastically: iğneleyici bir şekilde söylemek

The committee shouldn't have decided the issue when so many members weren't present.
I'm really fed up with listening to your complaints. Can't you look on the bright side of anything?
Having hesitation: tereddüt sahibi olmak

I’ve been wondering if he could be persuaded to work for us. What do you think?
I'm not really sure if I can handle such an important interview, but I will try.
Without hesitation: tereddütsüz

We have to cancel the trip because my mother won’t give me permission for the trip.

Showing a sigh of relief: ferahlık hissi vermek

I am extremely glad that we have completed our work on time.
Thanks God’ I am free for a few days.
Oh! What a relief. We are back home now.
Adoring: bayılmak, çok sevmek

This one is gorgeous. I feel as if I am looking at a real scene.
Madonna! She is perfect and I can die for her.
Complaining: şikayet etmek

He didn’t even apologised for what he had done. What a nuisance!
He is always leaving his dirty socks in the leaving room. They are stinking.
Suggesting: önermek

Tom had an accident. Shall we pay a visit to him tomorrow?
The weather is very nice. Why don’t we go out for a walk.
I have bought some new CDs. Let’s watch them today.
Seeking advice: tavsiye aramak (istemek)

What do you advise I should do?
What should I do under these circumstances?
If you were me would you help him?
Making a good impression: iyi izlenim bırakmak

It was very good, and meeting one of the cabinet ministers surprised everybody including me.
I was really impressed by the behaviour of the host. She welcomed us warmly.
Refusing one's apologies: birinin özrünü reddetmek

I will never accept his apologies after shouting at me and humiliate me in front of so many people.
I will never forgive him as he has called me liar in the classroom.
Advising caution / warning: dikkat tavsiye etmek / uyarmak

If I were you, I'd get more information before I gave them any money.
You are risking your life. You mustn't take medicine without reading the directions.
You won't regret coming with me because we're going to swim in a closed area.
Well, I know you were only trying to help, but next time be more careful.
Sharing worries with some: birinin kaygılarını paylaşmak

It's the first bad grade you've gotten in your life. Don't worry about it.
Ah well! Don't worry about the party. I am sorry to hear that you got ill.
Saying plainly: dobra, dobra söylemek

I’d be glad but I’d like to see another movie and I’d prefer to go on Sunday if you don’t mind.
From what I know of him, he's most undesirable character and can't be trusted an inch.
I find my present job too simple and tedious; therefore, I want an opportunity to demonstrate my creativity.
Supporting: desteklemek

I am sure you will be winning the case when you take it to the court.
I'll phone a garage for you near where you are. I'm sure they'll do a better job than me.
Showing frustration: düş kırıklığı, hüsran göstermek

Penny, I'm not satisfied with your composition I know you could do better. You must
write another one.

Saying truthfully : dürüstçe söylemek

You must buy this coat. I believe that it will suit you both in style and color.
I don't really want to go, but I guess I have no choice.
I have a bad news for you Dad. You need to pay the last instalment again. I lost the money.
Postponing (putting off): ertelemek

I would like to talk with you some more about this, but there are some people I’d like to meet.
We were going to visit you yesterday. But Pam got ill, so we had to go to hospital.
Taking the matter seriously: durumu ciddiye almak

I've been aware that you have a problem, but you never let me know to help you about it.
You know as well as I do that it could be serious. And if it serious, the sooner you start treatment the better
Asking for support: destek istemek

Could you tell me if you will able to support us whenever we have financial problems?

Making use of something: bir şeyden istifade etmek

While you are out, do you think you can buy me this month's tool magazine?

Being determined to say: söylemede kararlı olmak

I must say that your son has just been taken by the police.
I am determined to get my MA degree after graduation.
Saying confidently: kararlılıkla ifade etmek

Mr Wilson, I don't mind working hard, but I need some time with my family.
Thanks for proposing me, but this is a position for a younger, more energetic person.
Disagreeing with someone: biriyle aynı fikirde olmamak

I think you are quite wrong in saying so because form in literature really is important.
I don’t agree with you when you said the government would resign next month.
Saying in reproach: suçlayarak söylemek

I should have called you and said that I couldn't send it. I'm sorry.
We wouldn’t have to spend two days getting there and a lot of money on a hotel.
Leaving the ladder like that was nothing but an invitation to the burglars.
Boosting one's morale: birinin moralini artırmak

This is the best composition I have ever read.
You have done a wonderful work. Well done!
Saying kindly but firmly:  kibarca ama, kararlılıkla söylemek

I'd like to let you off Sir, but I have to obey the rules.
Well, I quite liked the car as well, but not as much as you did.
Recommending: tavsiye etmek

I suggest that we should look for a nice hotel instead of staying a camping place.
I'm sure you didn't know about these toys, but these are very dangerous. You'd better return it.
Being disturbed: rahatsız olmak

If I go on watching these garbage they will drive me mad.
Will you please leave me alone? I can not focus on my studies.
Asking for permission: izin isteme

May we leave the work a little early tonight Mr Brown?
Can my friend Tommy stay overnight with us, mom?
Making someone agree: birini ayni fikre getirmek

I must admit that pleasing everybody in such a big company is not as easy as most of the staff think.
Come on! I'm a good customer and don't ask many favours. It really is of vital importance that you fix if for me immediately.
In an objectionable way: itirazvari

Now that we are best friends, you ought to answer the telephone until I get well.
Excuse me but I think this seat is mine. Could you kindly check the seat number on your ticket?

Ending disagreement: anlaşmazlığa son vermek

The dispute about border has gone on far too long. It is time we settled it for good.

Wholeheartedly / tenderly: tüm kalple / tüm içtenlikle

I think you have lots of things to tell me, so why don't we go to a pub and have chat for sometime?
I'm always glad to help out. Mother, no matter when. I'll be there as soon as I can.
You have done your best all year long. I am sure you’ll obtain the desired grade.
Having quarrel: tartışmak

I will stand against your bad behaviour to the workers.
A liar mustn’t be absent – minded. Your father died last year.
Saying frankly: açıkça söylemek

I simply didn't want to take risks and rearrange my life.
I think you should have a word with your son. He may not be as serious about his studies as you think.
Reassuring: emin kılmak

I assure you that you will feel better after the operation.
I wonder if there is some mistake with this bill. Do you mind if we go over to be sure of it?
Compliment someone: birini övmek

I really have every reason to believe Tom is the best person to be chosen as chairman.
Sally really deserves to be head engineer. I will vote for her.
Intentionally / on purpose: kasten, bilerek

As a matter of fact, I didn’t mean to invite them to the party. However, Sally forced me to do that.

Hinting: ima ederek

Everybody else is working, why don't you?
It would be worth to be appreciated if you became more careful.
I'm afraid your son's work attendance has been a little disappointing.Could you have a word with him?
Helplessly: çaresizce

I'd rather not have breakfast at home from now on. I'm always late.
It is out of my hand to obey his order. He is my master.
Quite openly: oldukça açık olarak

What I mean by that is that she is really unusual and interesting.
I'm fed up. I can not put up with you anymore. Either you or I must leave this office.
Saying bitterly: sert bir şekilde söylemek

Unfortunately, you don’t deserve this salary. So we are reconsider your employment.
You should not let your marital problems affect your job. If you do, you may lose it.
Saying fairly: dürüstçe söylemek

I frankly say that I can not help you on this occasion.
In my opinion, you are spoiling your children.
Word and Phrases for Situational Response - 1

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