Word and Phrases for Situational Response - 3

YKS Dil'de duruma uygun düşen ifadelerde kullanılan ve paragrafın içinde yer alan önemli işlevler için kullanılabilecek bazı ifadelerin örnekleri aşağıda verilmiştir. Bu bölümü dikkatle incelediğiniz takdirde buradan edineceğiniz bilgiler duruma uygun ifadelerin seçiminde oldukça yararlı olabilir.
Saying honourably: onurunu koruyarak söylemek
  • Actually, my family have very little money, so I am working here to support myself through university.
Giving a reasonable excuse: makûl bir bahane ileri sürmek
  • That's very kind of you to give me lift, but my bus will be along in a minute.
  • I’m so sorry. I found this on my shelves, yesterday. I hope you haven’t been needing it.
  • Could you talk a little bit slower? I can't quite get what you say.
Comforting someone: birini rahatlatmak
  • You should apply for that job as you are the most likely person to get it.
  • There is no need to worry. If you just sit down and keep calm, everything will be all right.
Reacting angrily: sinirli olarak reaksiyon göstermek
  • I refuse to go a step further without a break.
  • You’re being to much! Turn that bloody music off! I can’t keep on studying!
  • Would you mind not doing that? It's getting on my nerves.
Saying optimistically: iyimser olarak söylemek
  • I believe we are going to have wonderful time there.
  • I have complete confidence in your success of this project.
  • Things will turn out all right very soon.
Saying pessimistically: kötümserce söylemek
  • I am rather worried about the outcome of this negotiations
  • You are bound to lose a lot of prestige in this business if you carry on.
  • To tell you the truth, I am not so optimistic about the result of this experiment.
Saying irately: kızarak söylemek
  • Excuse me but I think this seat is mine. Could you kindly check the seat number on your ticket?
  • Would you please stop following me, as it makes me very uncomfortable.
  • Why don't you let me alone before I call the police?
Saying proudly: gururlanarak söylemek
  • All my children have success in their career. I am really proud of them.
  • The garden I own is better than this city’s garden.
Saying gaily: keyifle söylemek
  • Cheer up! You’ve got the capacity to do it. So don’t give in.
  • How nice! We are indeed enjoying our holiday now.
  • What a wonderful day! Shall we go out for a walk
Threateningly: tehtidvari
  • If you do it again, I will call the police
  • I dare you do it again. I make you swallow your word
  • You may slip and sprain your ankle, so be careful.
Saying informatively: bilgilendirici bir şekilde söylemek
  • This is just the sort of novel you like; do read it, for I’m sure you’ll love it.
  • I'm afraid that, under the circumstances, Sir, we will be unable to meet your loss.
  • I know how bad the traffic can be, but could you try to make a little more effort?
Saying sheepishly: mahçup bir şekilde söylemek
  • I am sorry I know that I have been driving fast I think I deserved to be given a ticket.
  • I'm terribly sorry. Your bike got stolen, but I'll get you a new one.
Saying sheerly: çekinmeden söylemek
  • I'm afraid I am not very good at cakes.
  • After breakfast I'm going to go for swimming in the sea
  • I'm sorry mum, I've broken your vase!
Describing vividly: tam olarak tarif etmek
  • The woman we are looking for is about 1.70 tall, and has blond hair.
Describing vaguely: belli belirsiz tarif etmek
  • This report is rather superficial and will be revised.
Knowing vaguely: yarım yamalak bilmek
  • I am not entirely certain, but the company is making an agreement with our rival company.
  • As far as I know the school management will launch an extra course for the newcomers.
Supporting proposal: öneriyi desteklemek
  • Surly your recommendation will be a great help of us.
  • I am completely for Tom, for he will represent us as the minister of finance.
Making enquires: sorular sormak
  • I am looking for such a good restaurant. Do you know the place.?
  • Could you help me? I'm trying to find my way back to my hotel.
Accepting temporarily: geçici olarak kabul etmek
  • Thanks for inviting me, Tom but I’ve already made other plans so I won’t be long.
Implying: ima ederek
  • I'm sure there was something else annoying him; otherwise, your boss would never have treated you like that
  • Well, it doesn't look as if my mother's coming home so you'd better go now.
Dissuading someone: birini vazgeçirerek
  • If I were you I wouldn’t accept the offer. It is neither promoting nor satisfying.
  • You may be right but in my opinion we should bring the case to the court.
  • I think it will be hard to find a better job, so you should reconsider your decision.
Asking for help: yardım istemek
  • Will you help me to prepare dinner? There is much to do.
  • Would you mind taking this book back for me? It’s got to be returned in a day or two.
  • Is it possible to give me a hand to carry these parcels in?
Giving information / informing: bilgi vermek, bilgilendirmek
  • How can I go the post office?
  • Will you please show me where Mr. Greyhound is working?
  • Would you give me some more information about the trip you are organizing?
Inviting: davet etmek
  •  Would you like to join us next Friday?
  • Can I invite you to the party we are going to hold on Sunday?
  • Will it be possible to participate to our school party, Sally?
Declining / refusing invitation: daveti geri çevirmek
  • Sorry not to join your party tomorrow, I will be visiting my parents.
  • I am terribly sorry, but I don’t think I will be able to attend your wedding ceremony.
  • Thank you for your concern, but I won’t be able to participate your kind invitation.
Criticizing: eleştirmek
  • This is a formal meeting you can’t talk as you wish.
  • I am strongly against your being rude to the elderly people.
  • I can tell you that he is not what he seems to be.
Persuading: ikna etmek
  • There is nothing to worry about it. Everything will be finished as you want.
  • I believe that you will be the winner after investing your money on this work
  • Mum, can you find time to make one of your chocolate cakes for our picnic? You know how   everyone loves them.
Apologizing: özür dilemek
  • I am really sorry to be late
  • My I offer my sincerest apologies for what I did yesterday.
  • Will you please apologize us for not joining you tomorrow?
Regretting: pişman olmak
  • I wish I didn’t work in this office now.
  • If I had know he was a crook, I would not have lend him any money.
  • I would rather have bought the house in the garden, not this flat.
Requesting: ricada bulunmak
  • I wonder if you could tell me how can I go to post office from here.
  • Would you mind if I used your mobile for a few seconds.
  • Could you direct me to Mr. Green’s office, please?
Calming: sakinleş(tir)mek
  • I am sure that you are going to pass the exam. Please calm down
  • Don’t panic! This dog doesn’t bite.
  • I assure you there is nothing to be worried about. There will be very small pain. That is all.
Defending: savunmak
  • I certainly support his idea and I believe that he will be successful when the project is over.
  • I am surely for the idea Mr Herrington put forward to.
Giving instructions: talimatlar vermek
  • You had better start with an observation if you want to carry on a study about pollution
  • Go straight ahead, turn to the left, you will find the post office opposite to the supermarket.
  • Before adding the eggs, you should beat them at least ten minutes.
Giving advice: tavsiyede bulunmak
  • I think that you should change your present job. You will make yourself ill.
  • If I were you, I would accept such a good job offer
  • You had better consult a lawyer if you want to take the case to the court.
Consoling: teselli etmek
  • I am extremely sorry to hear about your father’s death.
  • I am sure you will forget all that terrible things. Leave them to time.
Sympathizing: duygularını paylaşmak
  • I am extremely sorry to hear your illness. I hope you will get better soon.
  • What’s the matter with you? You look so worried! Why not tell me all about it over lunch?
Sympathetically: duygularını paylaşır bir edayla
  • I am deeply upset to learn that you have a heart attack.
  • Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear you were separated.
Encouraging: teşvik etmek
  • You shouldn’t be worried about it. I believe you have done a wonderful job
  • Don’t give it up. I am sure you will overcome this very soon.
  • There is nothing to be discouraged about it.
  • You are the best candidate for this post, so don't hesitate to apply for it.
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