Subject- Verb Agreement


İngilizce de temel kural olarak, cümlenin öznesi bir kişiden oluşuyorsa fiil de tekil olarak ifade edilir. Çoğul bir özne varsa fiil de çoğul olarak ifade edilir.

· My brother is a nutritionist.
· Tom’s uncle lives in Paris
· My sisters are mathematicians.
· Their parents have been in the USA for ten years.

“Anyone, everyone, someone, something, no one, nobody, everyone, everybody” gibi Belgisiz Zamirler (The indefinite pronouns) daima tekildirler ve bu yüzden de yüklem olarak daima tekil fiil alırlar.

· Everyone has done his or her homework.
· Somebody has left her purse.
· Everybody was here when you left.
· Nobody was able to finish that difficult race.

“Each”, “every”, “neither”, ve “either “ normal olarak tekil yüklem alır.

· Each of the cars was controlled thoroughly before the race.
· Each of the students is responsible for doing his or her work in the library.
· Either of the hotel you mentioned is suitable for us to stay.
· Every boy in the class has a girlfriend.
· Neither of them has showed any sign of surprise.

Diğer taraftan “none”, bağlı olarak kullanılan özne çoğul olduğunda hem tekil, hemde çoğul yüklem alabilir.

· None of you claims / claim responsibility for this incident.
· None of the students have / has done their homework.
· None of the engines are / is working properly.

Ancak, bağlı olan öğe sayılamayan bir isim (uncountable noun) olursa yüklem tekil olur.

· None of the food which was served during the festival is fresh.
· None of the bread delivered is fresh enough to be eaten

“Neither and either” zamir olarak kullanıldığında daima tekildirler ve tekil bir yüklem gerektirir.

· Neither of the two traffic lights is working.
· A: Which shirt do you want for Christmas?
  B: Either is fine with me.

Ancak, resmi kullanımda “neither” bir edat ile çoğul isme bağlandığında yüklem de çoğul olabilir. Bu daha çok soru cümleleringde yaygın olarak kullanılır.

· Have either of you two clowns read the assignment?
· Are either of you taking this matter seriously?

“Neither …. nor” bağlaç olarak kullanıldığında, yüklemeden önceki kelime tekil ise yüklem tekil olur. Yüklemden önceki özne çoğul olursa yüklemde çoğul olur.

· Neither the students nor the teacher is happy with the result of the latest exam.
· Neither the teacher nor the students are happy with the result of the latest exam.

“Either …… or” bağlaç olarak kullanıldığında yüklemeden önceki kelime tekil ise yüklem tekil olur. Ancak, yüklemden önceki özne çoğul olursa yüklemde çoğul olur. Burada belirleyici olan “or” dan sonar gelen ismin tekil yada çoğul olması yüklemi belirler. Aşağıdaki örnekleri inceleyelim.

· Either my brothers or my father is going to sell the house.
· Either my father or my brothers are going to sell the house.

Soru cümlelerinde kural yine özneye yakın öğe esas alındığından dolayı, kullanılan özne çoğul ise yüklem çoğul, tekil ise yüklem de tekil olur.

· Are either my brothers or my father responsible?
· Is either my father or my brothers responsible?

Bu kural “not only ……. but also” yapısı için de geçerlidir.

· Not only the doctors but also the Prime Minister supports the motion.
· Not only the Minister of health but also doctors support the motion.


“A number of” çok, pek çok anlamına gelen bir yapıdır ve çoğul adları niteler. Bu yüzden yüklem olarak ta çoğul olur. Bu yapı “small”, “great”, ve “large” gibi sıfatlarla pekişebilir.

· A number of students in our school are going to celebrate their graduation tomorrow.
· A number of shops have been recently opened in our street.

“The number” gramer olarak bir özeliğe sahip olmayan, “sayı” anlamına gelen bir isimdir; “of” ile bağlanarak isim tamlaması yapar.

· The number of girl students in Turkey is increasing day by day.
· The number of the shops in our neighbourhood has declined.

“Together with”, “as well as”, “ and along with”, “are not the same as” gibi ifadeler bağlı oduğu özneye göre yüklem tekil yada çoğul olabilir. Aşağıdaki, örnekleri inceleyelim. “And” ile bağalandığında yüklem çoğul olur.

· The mayor as well as his brothers is going to prison.
· The mayor’s brothers as well as mayor himself are going to prison.
· The mayor and his brothers are going to jail.

Eğer bileşik bir cümlede hem olumlu hemde olumsuz ve biri tekil, diğeri çoğul olan özneler varsa yüklem uyumu olumlu özneye göre oluşur.

· The department members but not the chair have decided not to teach on Valentine's Day.
· It is not the faculty members but the president who decides this issue.
· It was the speaker, not his ideas, that has provoked the students to riot.

“There / here” ile kullanılan ismin tekil yada çoğul olmasına bağlı olarak yüklemde tekil yada çoğul olur.

· There is no reason for discussing the result of the latest improvement.
· Here are two apples. One is for me the other is for you.
· Here is your order, as you wished, sir.
· There have been a number of telephone calls today.
· There is a little work to do. We've already finished most it.
· There is a lot of evidence that vitamin-rich foods are beneficial.

“All, some”gibi bazı Belgisiz zamirler (indefinite pronouns) tekil yada çoğul fiil alabilirler. Bu durumda kullanılan ismin sayılabilir yada sayılamaz olması fillin tekil yada çoğul olarak kullanılmasını belirler. Kullanılan isim sayılabilir bir isim ise, çoğul bir fiil, sayılamaz bir isim olursa tekil bir fiil kullanılır.

· Some of the valuable beads are missing.
· Some of the rebellious workers were against the strike.
· Some of the bread in the bakery was stolen
· Some of the fresh water is spent in vain.

Bazen tanımlayıcı ifadeler özneden sonra kullanıldığında çoğul olabilir. Bu durumda sadece özne belirleyici olduğundan dolayı, özneye bakılır. Özne tekil ise yüklemde tekildir, çoğul is yüklemde çoğul olur.

· The mayor, who has been convicted along with his four brothers on four counts of various crimes but who also seems, like a cat, to have several political lives, is finally going to jail.

“Glasses”, “pants”, “pliers”, and “scissors” gibi iki parçadan oluşmuş nesnelerin isim olarak çoğul olduğu Kabul edilir ve çoğul yüklem alırlar. Ancak “a pair ….” ile kullanılırsa yüklem tekil olur.

· My glasses were on the bed as I left the room.
· My pants were torn while I was picking fruit from tree.
· A pair of plaid trousers is in the closet.

Bazı isimlerin sonu –s ile bitmesine rağmen, tekildirler ve tekil yüklem alır.

· The news from the front is bad as you have been expecting.
· Measles is a dangerous disease for pregnant women.

Spor takımlarının isimleri, veya benzeri grup özellikleri taşıyan bazı isimler –s almadıkları halde çoğul, yada tekil yüklem alabilirler. Çünkü bir grup olarak düşünüldüğünde tekildirler, ama birey olarak düşünüldüğünde çoğuldurlar.

· The Miami Heat have / has been looking for a better goalkeeper.
· The Connecticut Sun are / is hoping that new talents will carry them to the top.
· The government is / are taking some measurement against air pollution.

“Half of”, “a part of”, “a percentage of”, “a majority” gibi ifadeler bağlı oldukları isime göre tekil yada çoğul olabilirler. Bağlı oldukları isim sayılabilen (countable) ise yüklem çoğul olur. Eğer Bağlı oldukları isim sayılamayan (uncountable) bir isim ise yüklem tekil olur.

· Some of the voters are still angry in spite of governments’ promising to improve workers wages.
· A large percentage of the older population is going to vote against the next election.
· Two-fifths of the troops were lost in the battle.
· Two-fifths of the vineyard was destroyed by fire.
· Forty percent of the students are in favour of changing the policy.
· Forty percent of the student body is in favour of changing the policy.
· The thirds of our planet is covered with water.
· Nearly half of Jakarta’s one million workers are in the informal sector.
· The majority of students were against new regulation at school.

Matamatiksel işlemlerdeki sonuçlar ve oranlar tekil olarak ifade edilir.

· Two and two is four.
· Four times four divided by two is eight.
· 10 miles is not a very long distance.
· 100 YTL is not a lot of Money.

More than one” ifadesi daima tekildir.

· More than one student has tried to solve this problem.

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