Present Perfect Simple - Exercise

Present Perfect Simple
Write the verb in brackets in the blanks to form the present perfect tense. If you find the sentence negative, you can either abbreviate e.g. haven't; hasn't or use the full form e.g. has not
  1. You
    (not see) her pile of gifts yet.
  2. I
    (never / be) Europe before. I am really excited.
  3. (you / ever / try) this squash? It's delicious!
  4. Tony
    (travel) to Africa many times.
  5. She
    (learn) many languages in her life.
  6. I
    (eat) some amazing food around the world.
  7. (Carrie / be) happy lately?
  8. They
    (watch) that movie several times! They find it ver funny!
  9. Gary
    (study) for five hours tonight and he needs a break.
  10. We
    (move) to a new apartment every year for five years.
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