Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple Tense - Exercise - 1

Present Perfect or Simple Past?

Write the verbs in brackets in the blanks to form the present perfect tense or simple past tense. View the answers by clicking 'show' at the end.
  1. I
    (study) Spanish for 10 years.
  2. Carol
    (stop) by my house last night.
  3. (you / see) my new coat? I lost it.
  4. When
    (you / arrive) in the United States?
  5. We
    (be) friends for six years.
  6. This meeting
    (last) for several hours today.
  7. He
    (feel) sad when he realized he failed his test.
  8. Cindy
    (pick) up her toys when she finished playing with them.
  9. I
    (be) to the movies three times this week.
  10. She
    (listen) to music all night.
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