Passive Voice - Simple Past and Simle Present Exercise

Passive Voice Exercise

Using the verbs given in parentheses, write them in the boxes in passive format.
  1. The book
    (write) in 1833.
  2. These pies
    (bake) by my grandmother.
  3. The Mona Lisa
    (paint) by Da Vinci.
  4. This bridge
    (build) in the middle age.
  5. He is so famous that he
    (give) many new acting roles per year.
  6. These movies
    (make) in Hollywood every year.
  7. People do not know for sure how the world
  8. The car
    (take) care of by its owner every day.
  9. The paper
    (type) quickly by the student.
  10. Many cars
    (steal) in this neighbourhood every year.
Your Result is (1/10)

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