Listening - International Phone Calls

A: Agh! This phone booth is so dark. I don't know if I dialed the number right.
B: This is the International Operator. How may I help you?
A: Oh, great! Yes, sir. I'd like to make a collect call to Seoul, Korea, please.
B: What's the number you want to call?
A: The area code is 2, and the phone number there is 333-9373.
B: May I have your name, please?
A: My name is Sylvia.
B: I'm sorry. Could you spell that for me please, please?
A: Sure. It's S... like in Sally or Sherri, Y..., L..., V..., I..., A.
B: And who would you like to talk to?
A: Anyone who answers. It doesn't matter. It'll be either my mom or my dad.
B: Okay. Please hold on and I'll connect you. Alright, go ahead, ma'am; your party is on the line. A: Thank you so much.

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