Gerunds and Infinitives Test - 2

1. I saw him _________ down the street alone.
 A) to walk
 B) walking
 C) walk
2. Don't forget ________ your new camera to the zoo!
  A) to bring
  B) bringing
  C) bring
3. My favorite activity is ________ soccer.
  A) to play
  B) playing
  C) play
4. He went to the doctor ______ his knee checked out.
  A) to get
  B) getting
  C) get
5. Thank you for _______ me to visit your home.
  A) to allow
  B) allowing
  C) allow
6. We should think about ______ home soon.
  A) to go
  B) going
  C) go
7. The computer doesn't need _______ fixed today.
  A) to be
  B) being
  C) be
8. I love _______ because it gives me new life experiences.
  A) to travel
  B) traveling
  C) travel
9. Would you rather _______ to a restaurant or eat at home
  A) to go
  B) going
  C) go
10. You must do all of your homework _______ a good grade.
  A) to earn
  B) earning
  C) earn
11. She made us _____ for hours at the cafe.
  A) to wait
  B) waiting
  C) wait
12. I always dreamed of _____ in a small house by the seaside.
  A) to live
  B) living
  C) live

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