Gerunds and Infinitives Test - 3

1. I regret ________ him the money. He never paid it back.
 A) to lend
 B) lending
 C) lend
2. His ________ is getting on my nerves. He's never happy.
  A) to complain
  B) complaining
  C) complain
3. I'll never forget ________ that van Gogh exhibition in New York
  A) to see
  B) seeing
  C) see
4. On my way home, I stopped _______ some gas.
  A) to get
  B) getting
  C) get
5. After high school, Sally went on _____ medicine.
  A) to study
  B) studying
  C) to study
6. Before you go to sleep, don't forget _____ the door.
  A) to lock
  B) locking
  C) lock
7. As soon as Ann turns 18, she means _____ to Hollywood.
  A) to move
  B) moving
  C) move
8. Jason remembered _____ in to me at a party two years ago.
  A) to run
  B) running
  C) run
9. We regret _____ you that we have suspended all business activity.
  A) to inform
  B) hearing
  C) inform
10. We will never forget _____ called Mommy and Daddy for the first time.
  A) to be
  B) being
  C) be
11. I don't regret _____ up tennis and settling down with my wife and children.
  A) to give
  B) giving
  C) give
12. I had to go home early yesterday because my son had forgotten _____ his key.
  A) to take
  B) taking
  C) take

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