Gerunds and Infinitives Test - 1

1. Carol and her husband seem _____ the perfect life.
 A) to have
 B) having
 C) have
2. Do you really enjoy _____ to work on Monday morning?
  A) to go
  B) going
  C) go
3. After eating its fill, the monkey decided _____ home some food.
  A) to carry
  B) carrying
  C) carry
4. The higher return you hope to achieve, the more you must risk _____.
  A) to lose
  B) losing
  C) lose
5. When Nick lived in Asia, he missed _____ Christmas with his family.
  A) to celebrate
  B) celebrating
  C) celebrate
6. I vehemently dislike _____ with morons, screw-ups, deadbeats, crooks, and liars.
  A) to deal
  B) dealing
  C) deal
7. Although Susan has a good job, she can't afford _____ out of her parents' house.
  A) to move
  B) moving
  C) move
8. I let him _______ between flying and taking the train.
  A) to choose
  B) choosing
  C) choose
9. There is no sense in _______ more money than you can spend
  A) to earn
  B) earning
  C) earn
10. Don't let them _______ that dangerous road on their own.
  A) to cross
  B) crossing
  C) cross
11. She made me _____ like a real man.
  A) to feel
  B) feeling
  C) feel
12. I strongly suggest _____ an attorney on hand before signing a contract to buy a home.
  A) to have
  B) having
  C) have

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