Listening - Calling a Friend - Arrangement

A: Hello.
B: Hi there Sylvia. This is Tyler.
A: Oh, Tyler! Where have you been? I called you a few times. I even stopped by your place, but you weren't there.
B: Sorry, I didn't tell you. We go to Indian Lake every Fourth of July. It's kind of a family tradition.
A: Indian Lake? Where's that?
B: Uh, it's about an hour and a half from Chicago. My parents have a cabin here.
A: So, it's just you and your folks there?
B: Yeah, but they have to go back home tomorrow night. Say, would you like to come out?
A: I'd love to, but I can only stay for the weekend. I have a test Monday afternoon.
B: I can get you back in time if we leave early Monday morning. You know how the drive is Monday morning!
A: You don't have to drive me anywhere, Tyler. My friend just sold me her car; that's what I wanted to tell you. Now . . . how do I get to Indian Lake?

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