Comprehension Test

Choose the best answer that can be answer of the given question.
1. John had an accident last night.
  A: I'm sorry to hear that.
  B: That's terrific!
  C: He must be proud of it.
  D: It is very good news
2. Their plane should be here in no time.
  A: Let's come back tomorrow.
  B: Let's see if they're at the lobby.
  C: Why don't we take a taxi?
  D: Let's wait for them at the main lobby.
3. Can you tell me how to get to the post office?
  A: It's in aisle C next to the dairy products.
  B: Sorry, my office is not here.
  C: Go to the end of this street and turn left.
  D: Let's ask to another one.
4. Give me a call when you get back from your trip.
  A: I'm sorry to hear that.
  B: I'll surely do that.
  C: Why should you call me?
  D: You are expected to be here next week.
5. If you have 10 marbles and you take five away, then you add three to that number, how many marbles do you have?
  A: None is left.
  B: That's easy. I have 18.
  C: You needn't add any
  D: Eight, of course.
6. Q: How would you like your steak?
A: Rare.
  A: The customer never eats steak.
  B: The customer doesn't want his steak well-done.
  C: The customer rarely orders steak in a restaurant.
  D: The customer wants his steak grilled well.
7. The game ended in a tie.
  A: What a bargain!
  B: Who bought the tie?
  C: How come?
  D: What kind of tie was it?
8. What did Mary do when her father gave her the stuffed animal?
  A: She cuddled it.
  B: She called the animal protection department.
  C: She phoned the police.
  D: She took it to the zoo
9. Kate can speak three foreign languages fluently.
  A: She must be tired.
  B: She surely knows the ropes.
  C: She has no abilty to learn language.
  D: She must be a talented girl.
10. Bill flunked the exams.
  A: He must be really upset.
  B: It should get better soon.
  C: He must have studied a lot.
  D: He must get good grades
11. We'd like some vanilla ice-cream, please.
  A: What flavor would you like?
  B: Rare or well done?
  C: Sorry, we ran out of vanilla.
  D: What else do you have?
12. My TV isn't working.
  A: We've already called a repairman. He should be here soon.
  B: OK. I'll call you later.
  C: Why don't you watch something else?
  D: Who was the ownwe of this TV set?

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