Adverbs or Adjectives

Choose the best answer that can be answer of the given question.
1. Mary is a ______ swimmer.
 A) slow
 B) slowly
 C) slower
2. Andrew plays the piano ______ than you.
  A) beautiful
  B) beautifully
  C) more beautifully
3. Mrs. Thompson sews ______.
  A) quick
  B) quickly
  C) more quickly
4. Mr. Garcia speaks ______.
  A) loud
  B) loudly
  C) more loudly
5. His kids are ______ students than mine.
  A) good
  B) well
  C) better
6. Joanna sings ______.
  A) awful
  B) awfully
  C) more awfully
7. Faye's handwriting is ______ than yours.
  A) neat
  B) neatly
  C) neater
8. Douglas and Hannah are ______ students.
  A) bad
  B) badly
  C) worse
9. Jessica is a ______ basketball player.
  A) good
  B) well
  C) worse
10. Mr. Lopez is not a ______ policeman.
  A) careful
  B) carefully
  C) more careful
11. I don't think I am a ______ athlete.
  A) bad
  B) badly
  C) worse
12. Those girls talk ______ than the others.
  A) intelligent
  B) intelligently
  C) more intelligently

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