Connectors Test

Choose the best answer that can be answer of the given question.
1. Do you think this is something ______ can be successful?
 A) who
 B) that
 C) X (the conjunction can be omitted)
2. Don't go out ______ you've combed your hair.
  A) as
  B) while
  C) until
3. Make sure you close all the windows ______ it starts to rain.
  A) after
  B) before
  C) for
4. I think I know ______ he failed the FCE exam.
  A) why
  B) until
  C) where
5. ______ I had known how much I would disappoint him, I woudn't have done it.
  A) Whether
  B) When
  C) If
6. ______ it starts to rain, come inside.
  A) As soon as
  B) While
  C) Whether
7. My friend Racim, ______ lives in Canada, has an Algerian passport..
  A) whose
  B) who
  C) that
8. It's usually quite simple to cross the border between the Switzerland and Germany _______ these two countries have friendly relations.
  A) yet
  B) and
  C) because
9. ______ a university professor returns from a sabbatical leave, he should be better qualified.
  A) Until
  B) When
  C) Even though
10. She's ______ a stupid woman ______ nobody likes to be with her.
  A) such...that
  C) so...that
11. I won't invite my classmates to a party ________ I know them well.
  A) until
  B) when
  C) because
12. The first exercise was easy _______ this one is extremely difficult.
  A) before
  B) due to
  C) whereas

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