Listening: Comparatives / Superlatives

How's the weather in your country?
The summer is much hotter than here, and the winter is also much colder. The best time is spring, it's beautiful!

Which restaurant do you like? 
Bella Rosa is good, they've got good food but it's expensive. McDonalds is cheaper, but it's really unhealthy. I think the Vietnamese restaurant is the best, it's the cheapest, the healthiest, and the most delicious! 

How's your English going?
Oh, it's much better these days. It's easier than before, and I know more words and I can speak more confidently. It's great.
I'm really glad to hear it. Keep up the great work!

  Key Vocabulary
weather: hava
country: ülke
summer: yaz mevsimi
hotter: daha sıcak
colder: daha soğuk
best: en iyi
expensive: pahalı
cheaper: daha ucuz
unhealthy: sağlıksız
Vietnamese: Viyetnamlı
glad: memnun
cheapest: en ucuz
healthiest: en sağlıklı
most: en çok
delicious: lezzetli
better: daha iyi
these days: bu günlerde
easier: daha kolay
before: önceden
know: bilmek
words: kelimeler
more confidently: daha kendinden emin

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