Listening - There is / There are

A: Tyler, do you like London?
B: Sure, there are lots of restaurants and shops, and there's a lot of beautiful parks and museums as well.
A: I really want to live there.
B: Me too!

A: Hey, this is a great apartment.
B: Thanks. There's a lot of space, and there are some really nice neighbors as well.
A: Are there any stores near here?
B: Sure, there is a supermarket near here.
A: You have a great view!
B: Right. There's only one problem.
A: What's that?
B: It's really expensive!

A: Is there any pizza?
B: No we don't have any, sorry.
A: Well, are there any apples?
B: Er, yes, there's some in the kitchen. Help yourself.

Key Vocabulary

there are (vardır - çoğul)
restaurant (restorant)
shop (dükkan)
there is (vardır - tekil)
beautiful (güzel)
park (park)
museum muze)
there (orada, oraya, orası)
live (yaşamak)
apartment (apartman dairesi)
space (yer, boşluk, alan)
near (yakın)
nearby (yakınlarda)
view (manzara, görüş)
problem (sorun)
expensive (pahalı)
pizza (piza)
sorry (üzgün)
kitchen (mutfak)
help yourself (buyurun)

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