Linking verbs (Bağ fiileri) - Exercise

Linking verbs - Exercise

Write the verbs given in the parentheses into the space properly. Remember: uncountable nouns always have a singular form. Example: I like cheese. (like)
  1. Milk
    (be) healthy.
  2. Grape juice
    (taste) good.
  3. These apples
    (be) delicious.
  4. This orange
    (taste) yummy!
  5. A piece of bread
    (be) on the floor.
  6. Istanbul
    (be) a beautiful city.
  7. Monkeys
    (love) banana.
  8. Sandwiches
    (be) good.
  9. This meal
    (smell) really delicous.
  10. The picture
    (look) wonderful.
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